We offer a hot lunch meal, which is essentially a catered meal, to all of our learners. The Maine Meal, located in downtown Skowhegan, has the same philosophy as CRCS, in that our learners need to be provided with a nutritious and locally sourced meal. Both partners firmly believe in the philosophy of Farm to Table and you will notice the difference between our meals and the typical school lunch program.

The goal is that our agriculture program will provide produce and eggs to the Maine Meal so our learners can better understand sustainability and food quality. Local farms such as Cayford Orchards, Herring Brothers, Maine Grains, etc are just a few of the many local providers!

Check out the Maine Meal by clicking here! 

We follow the National School Lunch Program guidelines and families may qualify for free or reduced lunch based on income. The cost of lunch for 2022-2023 is as follows:

Cost per Lunch

Free and Reduced: $0.00 

Full Pay $0

For 2022-2023 are continuing to offer universal breakfast, which means that regardless of income learners are given breakfast at no cost. This is typically a grab and go type, which includes bagels, english muffins, cereal, fruit, milk, and some assorted other foods.